Uruguay present at one of the most prestigious design exhibitions

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Six of the best Uruguayan design studios will be exhibiting their most innovative work  at Designjunction, the leading exhibition for contemporary interior design and culture, held in London, from September 22th to 25th. 

Simple, yet sophisticated. The new products that will be showcased by the studios at Uruguay’s stand, organized by Uruguay XXI and the Conglomerate and Chamber of Design Uruguay, are modern and functional pieces of furniture, still seen as a revolutionary achievement today. Claro, Diario, Menini Nicola, Muar, Sámago and Sibille are prestigious studios that have been meticulously selected by Designjunction committee, which ensures the high-quality and level of the participants.

As a result of creativity and virtuosity national talent, in the recent years Uruguay has been positioning itself on the international design scenario and has shown a solid maturity despite being a young industry. These Uruguayan studios have obtained the first places in major international events and competitions (Salao Design in San Pablo , A ‘ Design Award, Italy, Mercosur Contest on Design and Innovation), and Designjunction represents an important opportunity to enhance the positioning and impact of Uruguayan design around the world.


Estudio Claro

Estudio Claro was created in 2008 by the Uruguayan designers Rosina Secondi and Daniel Apple. Both industrial designers that specialize in furniture and design management. Currently  the studio is formed by four designers that share a same outlook , each with unique qualities in different areas achieving a well integrated team for each project.

The studio started focusing on the design of domestic and commercial integrated spaces. Encouraged by the success achieved through design contests in Brazil, Spain and Chile, which validated their design proposition, is where they start to independently develop projects specifically for the  furniture category with a global outlook. Today some of our designs  are commercialized by the most important Brazilian furniture brands

Estudio Claro is linked to design through a balanced view of functionality and esthetics  considering this and the users the main goal of their projects. There is a great interest in the sustainability of each production process, the care for details and the constant search of differentiation by established tendencies.


Estudio Diario

Diario is a design studio founded and managed by Ana Sosa and Guillermo Salhón. It works within the fields of products, accessories, furniture and interiors. It has a broad portfolio of products that are sold in various local and international stores, and also provides production licenses and development of exclusive projects.

The inspiration comes from the functional and decorative nature of the Scandinavian model, creating simple, timeless designs, focusing on the study and combination of materials and forms, and prioritizing the constructive and aesthetic details.


Menini Nicola

menini nicola© is an industrial design studio founded by Agustin Menini and Carlo Nicola, they are industrial designers dedicated to the development of home products and furniture since 2002. Since 2012 the studio has been marketing products throughout Brazil. At the same time, the studio carries on working in individual projects, where it experiences and markets the result of its constant search for style: furniture with a local vision, a marked European influence and Scandinavian spirit.

As a result, today the studio has earned its place in the Uruguayan design scene and it offers design services, design licences and sales products directly to its customers. menini nicola© believes that design is not only aesthetics; production, exploitation of materials and the entire life cycle of the product are of great importance as well.

See menini nicola portfolio here


Muar Design Studio

MUAR Diseño works in the development of projects related to different design areas, such as interior architecture, product design, furniture design, and commercial and residential interior design; they design spaces, objects, experiences, images, ways of living.



Sámago is a design studio located in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. Their work team consists of young architects and industrial designers who work together to generate value through design.
They develop a wide range of home furniture and accessories using wood as the main material and CNC technology to manufacture them, in order to offer a better product with no waste on materials maintaining high standards in finishes and details.

The CNC designs they create based on digital joints allow them to ship our furniture locally and let the customers easily assemble them with no need of special tools or previous knowledge.
Sàmago’s designs have been recognized internationally in some of the most outstanding design fairs like the “Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño” of Madrid and the “Salao Design” in Brasil.



Sibille is a study led by industrial designer Claudio Sibille. He has experience working in China (2013) designing sofa beds and space saving furniture. From 2013 onwards, he has been focusing his attention in the Brazilian market, having licensed many furniture designs to renowned Brazilian firms. Sibille´s design philosophy is that of keeping the spirit flame of the old with a renewed, present stamp. Sibille´s work methodology is designing projects for customers by license or selling of projects.

Sibille´s work has been featured in extensive media like New York Times. His work has earned several award and recognitions in Competitions like A´Design Award (Italy), Salao Design (Brazil) and Mercosul (Uruguay).



Want to know more about our studios? Check out their Designjunction profiles!

Claro – DiarioMenini NicolaMuarSámagoSibille



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