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  • Second Educative Tender

    Second Educative Tender

    The second stage of calls for expansion of educational infrastructure by public-private participation, started on Thursday 20, includes 23 schools, nine UTU poles and 10 sports centers, with an estimated […]

  • Uruguay, regional hub of the Southern Cone

    Uruguay, regional hub of the Southern Cone

    The logistics sector in Uruguay has been one of the most dynamic in recent years. It has pioneered in the incorporation of new technologies, the application of the potential offered […]

  • Uruguay among the ten freest countries of the world

    Uruguay among the ten freest countries of the world

    Fuente: Freedom House (2017). Freedom House is a non-governmental organization based in Washington and New York, which elaborates an annual ranking about freedom at a global level. On January 31st […]



  • Thomas Friedman
    Thomas Friedman

    Uruguay has leapt ahead of its neighbors by being the first to understand what could be done — that in today’s world having an Indian company led by a Hungarian-Uruguayan servicing American banks with Montevidean engineers managed by Indian technologists who have learned to eat Uruguayan veggie is just the new normal.”

  • Ronald Beare
    Ronald Beare

    “Since 1987, when the law on forestry was approved, the different governments have standardized the conditions for forest industry development, which has resulted in its development and growth”

  • Gabriel Rozman
    Gabriel Rozman

    “The country has an ideal context for the development of software industry. “Uruguay’s advantages as service outsourcing center were crucial in the establishment of Tata Consultancy Services development center.”