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    FDI received by Uruguay reached US$ 915 million in 2016. Thus, the last decade had the strongest FDI growth in the history of the country. 

    One of the key features of the country’s growth in the past ten years is the dynamism of investment. FDI in Uruguay has reached record levels, which has allowed to position the country among the top recipients of FDI in South America in the last decade. Not only Uruguay is a significant recipient of FDI, but also it is the main country in terms of profit reinvestment in the region. Furthermore, Uruguay boasts high FDI profit reinvestment rates: 60% in 2005-2015 signals both, foreign investors' satisfaction and their trust in the country.

    National and foreign investment in Uruguay is declared of national interest by law. Thus, foreign investors are granted the same incentives as local investors and there is no tax discrimination in favor of any of them. No prior authorization or registration is required to operate and there are no limits on transferring capital or profits from foreign investments.


    Uruguay grants several incentives to different types of activities, from industrial to commercial and service activities, intended to be performed in the country. Schemes provided for by the Investment Law, free zones, free port and free airport schemes, public-private partnership agreements, industrial parks and temporary admission are some of the main incentive schemes available in the country.

    For more information on Uruguayan incentive schemes refer to Investment promotional schemes in our Investor Guide.

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