• Why invest in energies and infrastructure in Uruguay?


    • The Uruguayan government has established an infrastructure plan for the period 2015-2019. The investment in infrastructure is a priority in order to ensure the sustainability of growth and productivity levels of the Uruguayan Economy.
    • The infrastructure plan will be undertaken with both Public Budget and private funding, reaching 12.370 million USD. A third corresponds to PPP projects and two thirds to public financing.
    • Uruguay has a long-term energy policy unanimously approved by a multi-party committee. This shows the significance of the issue and supports the State policy status of energy policy.
    • Energy policy features a strong hope for renewable energy, with important introduction goals in the short term and material tax benefits for this type of undertakings.
    • Energy policy further includes a commitment to diversification and non-reliance on external sources, which has resulted in investments in onshore and offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities.



    Central Railway Project

    Education Infrastructure Project

    Highway Project

    Highway Project