• Respect for environment

    Investments made by Uruguay are highly significant compared to other countries. The latest REN 21 report has positioned Uruguay in the fifth place of the world ranking for level of investment in renewable energies as a percentage of GDP.

    In particular, the incorporation of wind power to the electricity grid stands out. According to this report, in 2014 Uruguay was the country that ranked the highest in the incorporation of wind capacity per capita. Given that in 2015 and 2016 even more MW of wind power will be incorporated into the grid, Uruguay will continue to lead this ranking in the coming years.

    One the other hand, REN21 ranked Uruguay in the 4th global position on the indicator "share of electricity demand met by Wind power".

    Uruguay is one of the leading countries in energy generation from renewable sources. 56% of the global energy matrix and 96% of the electric matrix in Uruguay will be produced from renewable energy in 2016, being the country with the largest share of renewable sources in Latin America. 


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