• Why invest in logistics?


      • Uruguay has become a regional hub in the Southern Cone due to the large advantages it offers for the development of logistic activities.


      • Uruguay is the regional hub par excellence for the Southern Cone: it offers important advantages for the location of Regional Distribution Centers (RDCs).


      • Uruguay has a brand new airport which became operative in 2009, deep water ports - with top level infrastructure - and the busiest highway network of Latin America.


      • Uruguay is geographically located at a privileged area featuring two ports in the main gateway to the Southern Atlantic coast with access to Parana-Paraguay-Uruguay waterway. The richest cities of the continent can be reached in 12 to 96 hours by land and 1 to 3 hours by air.


      • The Uruguayan legal framework provides major advantages to logistics operations, with highly strong incentives to the setup of RDCs and the handling of goods in transit. This includes Duty-Free Zone, Free Port and Airport, bonded warehouses and temporary admission regimes.


      • Logistics in Uruguay has its own institutional framework. In 2010, the National Institute for Logistics (INALOG) was created by Law as a means for public/private participation and coordination of logistics development.