• Macroeconomic soundness

    Uruguayan economy has achieved the longest period of growth in history, by accumulating 14 years of uninterrupted growth of its GDP - an annual average expansion of 4.5% between 2003 and 2016. This expansion was accompanied by a growth of the GDP per capita, which Uruguay's GDP per capita went from US$ 5,000 in 2005 to almost US$ 15,500 in 2015, and will be around US$ 20,000 as from 2019. This has allowed Uruguay's economy to stand out as having the highest GDP per capita in Latin America (measured in current USD).



    Uruguay it’s a country with investment grade (recovered in May 2012). Since then, the main international rating agencies have improved credit rating. In June 2015 S&P upgraded the Uruguayan's debt grade, placing it at the second level within the "investment grade" qualification. This is underpinned by the absence of large macroeconomic imbalances, which have enabled the country to grow within a region which is undergoing a recession. Moreover, they support the reliability of the tax commitment taken on by the new government.

    Furthermore, our country has a reserve stock of more than US$ 13.000 millions, around 25% of GDP, a flexible exchange system, low debt and outstanding conditions for accessing international funding. All these elements together shield the Uruguayan economy from possible external shocks.

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