Forestry & Timber

Forestry has been one of the most dynamic sectors of Uruguay’s economy in the last few decades. Since the Forestry Law of 1987 to date, plantations and timber extraction have increased fivefold, laying the foundations for the deployment of important investments in the sawmill and cellulose industry.

There are significant opportunities for the installation of industries that add greater value to wood. Uruguay's value proposition for the development of sustainable investments in the first and second mechanical transformation of wood is based on four pillars that stand out and set the country apart:

International companies in Uruguay


"Investors consider that Uruguay has very competitive forest resources to position itself as a reference in the EWP (Engineered Wood Products) market in the region and the world"

Matías Abergo, CEO of the Enkel Group 


"Uruguay offers conditions for trees to grow and develop, very good growth rates and shorter shifts, and a strategic location as a gateway to Mercosur".

Álvaro Molinari, CEO of Lumin


"The country provides a framework of institutional, political and economic stability that allows us to make long-term investments".

Javier Solari, Vice President of Projects and Logistics.


“Uruguay offers political and institutional stability, which allows for predictability. The forest promotion law has been a state policy of the country". 

Diego Wollheim, General Manager


Uruguay is the fifth country in the world that invests the most of its GDP in renewable energies.

The country achieved a transformation of its energy matrix and continues to take firm steps ...

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