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Clutch selected 8 Uruguayan companies from its regional top 30 and highlighted the quality of their solutions and superior user experience.

The research, rating, and review company BTB Clutch selected eight Uruguayan companies among the 30 best in Latin America in mobile application development. In a ranking that weighs the experience of the clients, as well as the minor or major presence in the apps market, Uruguay occupies a place of indisputable reference, with companies that stand out for the vast experience of their professionals and the high quality of their creations. 

The first Uruguayan company on the list is December Labs, which ranks fifth. Focused on mobile app development, web development, and UX and UI design, the firm identifies, designs, and develops "innovative software solutions, applications, services, and platforms," says its Clutch profile. With offices in San Francisco, Houston, and Montevideo, the company has more than 60 professionals, including developers, architects, researchers, and designers. 

Next in the ranking is CodigoDelSur, in the seventh position.  Focused on mobile app development, the company combines "innovation with seamless functionality", says its review in Clutch. Almost 200 companies based in the United States have chosen CodigoDelSur to design and develop their digital products. The Uruguayan firm stands out for the technical knowledge of its professionals, as well as for its "skills in usability, growth hacking, engagement, and monetization".  

In position nine is Xmartlabs. With service lines that combine mobile app development, web development, UX and UI design, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, the firm puts "technical expertise" at the service of high-growth emerging companies and companies with a vision of the future. Based in Montevideo, Xmartlabs aims to provide "best-in-class strategy, design, and technology to create innovative and transformative software products", says its Clutch profile.

Asasp developers takes tenth place. Focused on web and mobile app development, the Uruguayan company "brings innovative ideas to life" thanks to its team of software engineers, says Clutch

The next Uruguayan on the list is INMIND and is in the eleventh position. Dedicated to mobile app development, blockchain, UX and UI design, web development, and enterprise app modernization, the company has worked with renowned clients from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, highlights its Clutch profile. 

The ranking is also completed by the Uruguayan Houlak, in the 21st position, Bixlabs, in the 26th, and Menlo Technologies, in the 28th position. Apart from the companies mentioned, the list is completed with firms from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. 

Thanks to an early impulse to technological education and the implementation of development centers in the main companies, Uruguay has become the continental leader in the IT sector, with highly qualified professionals and competitive companies that export to the world. 

The rapid internationalization of the sector has allowed Uruguay to become the first software exporter per capita in South America, and the third in absolute terms, only behind Argentina and Chile. Uruguayan companies in the IT sector export to 52 markets, with the United States being the first destination for national software. 

Likewise, Uruguay is a strategic platform for the implementation and testing of potential global solutions, thanks to its reduced scale and the proven capabilities of its human resources, with vast experience in the development of world-class products. More than 500 international technology companies have trusted Uruguay as a provider of high quality IT solutions. The country has a mature and accessible technological and business ecosystem, which offers attractive investment opportunities not only to companies already operating but also to startups seeking to develop their ideas.

The favorable regulatory framework, which provides attractive tax exemptions to companies in the sector, and its modern technological infrastructure, with exceptional connectivity and Internet penetration, make Uruguay the Latin American leader in ICTs and a first-class business center. Uruguayan software companies, which are gaining international recognition, are showing the true technological revolution that the country is undergoing, a reliable and safe destination to create, develop ideas, and walk towards the future. 

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