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Agricultural machinery

The volume of agricultural production in Uruguay grew remarkably in recent years, reaching important levels of sophistication and diversification. As a consequence of these factors, yields have improved markedly, thanks in part to the intensive use of agricultural machinery.


Uruguay has a historically high technological investment in agro-industries that dynamizes and promotes the continuous development of the sector. In this line, the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment in the country has an exemption of 50% of IRAE until 2022.


As a result, in recent years the number of companies manufacturing agricultural machinery has grown considerably, currently reaching about 20 manufacturers.


The companies, which display adaptability as a characteristic, can adjust their production to the specific needs of the plaintiff. After-sales service and personalized treatment are strengths that identify the sector and have managed to consolidate exports to regional markets such as Paraguay and Ecuador in recent years.


Likewise, the quality of production has earned the country international distinctions, such as Mary's double award in the thirty-third edition of the Gerdau Awards or the fourth place in the AgroReel project - by entrepreneurs Sabrina Cornu and Ezequiel Rivoir - in the Intel ISEF 2017 fair.


The products produced at the national level include mixers, loaders (front end, rollers, among others), weeders, tree planters, planters, fine seed collectors, and portable silos.

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