Food and beverage

World leader in sustainable production and food processing with distinctive quality

Uruguay has positioned itself as a benchmark exporter in food safety and quality products, with 93% of the land surface suitable for agricultural use and a production leveraged on the vastness of its natural resources, to which it incorporates innovation, talent, and design in production processes that ensure the protection and care of the environment.

More than half of the country's exports of goods are foodstuffs, which supply roughly 30 million people in the world. These products are safe and nutritious, backed by sustainable and scalable production that incorporates cutting-edge technology. In addition, this industry leads in ESG factors thanks to its labor and environmental standards that protect animal and human welfare.

Competitive advantages
  • Quality: Uruguay offers safe production with strict sanitary controls.
  • Sustainability: production is carried out with a focus on environmental conservation and biodiversity.
  • Technological innovation:
    • 100% traceability of cattle.
    • 100% geo-referencing of vineyards and citrus plantations.


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