Our role: Enhance, Promote, Boost.

We are the agency responsible for the promotion of exports, investments and country image. We work to strengthen the export capacity and competitiveness of Uruguayan companies, promote the country as an attractive destination for productive investments and promote the Uruguay Natural Country Brand in the world.

Our values


Be a reference in export promotion, attraction of productive foreign investments and international positioning of the country, facilitating the business environment.

Our pillars


Board of Directors

Uruguay is governed and reports to a Board of Directors conformed by the following structure:

Minister of Foreign Affairs (Chairman)
Francisco Bustillo Bonasso

Minister of Economy and Finance
Azucena Arbeleche

Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
Fernando Mattos

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining
Omar Paganini

Minister of Tourism
Tabaré Viera Duarte

Representative of the Office of Planning and Budgeting of the Presidency of the Republic
Isaac Alfie