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The triumphant rise of Uruguayan video games on the international scene

Talented, creative, and quality-focused, the Uruguayan video game industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, gaining the attention of the international market. 

The country has been consolidating a thriving and exciting video game industry since the 1990s and early 2000s when some small video game development companies were created, mainly focused on the creation of casual games and educational applications.

Soon after, the first international successes emerged, such as the Kingdom Rush saga by Ironhide studio, Outlanders by Pomelo Games, and Charrúa Soccer by Batovi studio, which consolidated Uruguay as a relevant player in the international scene. 

Why Uruguay?
  • Creative and technical talent: The country has a strong background in areas such as design, programming, and art, which has led to the creation of original and well-executed games.
  • Government incentives: The Uruguayan government has implemented policies to support the technology industry, including tax and financial benefits for video game companies.
  • Ecosystem: With more than 25 formalized companies and 2 tertiary careers dedicated to video games, Uruguay has an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, resources for their growth, and a local event LEVEL UY, an industry summit that convenes national and foreign companies every year.
  • Focus on quality: Uruguayan developers have stood out for their commitment to the quality of their products, which has allowed them to compete in the international market.
  • International recognition: Gamers from all over the world but also publishers, investors, and international platforms pay more and more attention to Uruguayan videogames that, with a local stamp, manage to stand out with awards and nominations in regional events such as BIG Festival and global events such as GDC.


International technology companies that choose Uruguay:
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