The existence of a Tech and innovative ecosystem made an excellent hub to develop new IT solutions.  Tech companies such as Verifone and Netsuite among others have chosen Uruguay for their excellence development centers, taking advantage of the talent and the dynamic IT ecosystem.

In addition, it is an ideal place to develop innovations and try new technologies. Its nature as a small and transparent country, with easy access to decision makers and regulators, great incentives for R&D initiatives, and a modern tech infrastructure, makes of Uruguay an ideal test-bed country.

 Uruguay is also an attractive innovation hub for research institutes and R&D centers of Life Science companies because of key factors:

  • Availability of talented and cost-competitive R&D workforce.
  • Science and technology parks with cutting-edge infrastructure under the free zone scheme (exempted from all taxes).
  • R&D institutes such as the Institute Pasteur together with a network of academic research groups and startups providing services, which form a functional innovation ecosystem for the development of R&D projects and centers.

Companies like Integer for example, employ more than 250 highly qualified people focused on the design, prototyping and production of medical devices for global customers.