Business Developer abroad

Along with the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, URUGUAY XXI developed the Commercial Antenna Program. As a complement to this Program, URUGUAY XXI understands it pertinent to explore the strategy of counting on Business Developers of promotion with a clear commercial profile and capacity to transmit confidence on the "Uruguay product", in the measure that they are visualized by the investment prospects.

Among the sectors prioritized by Uruguay XXI are Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Corporate Services, ICT, Infrastructure and Energy. Therefore, priority will be given to Business Developer profiles that can promote investment opportunities in Uruguay in general, and have experience and links with these sectors.

The Business Developer, is obliged to collaborate in the international promotion of Uruguay, carrying out activities in some of the following markets: Europe (except Germany and United Kingdom), Asia (except China), Brazil and North America; with the objective of positioning Uruguay as an investment destination, identifying contacts of companies and potentials interested in investing in Uruguay and advising them to make a prospecting trip to Uruguay.

For more information about this position, you will be able to see the TOR in the attached file.

Cierre: 15/12/2019


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