In Uruguay XXI, we work to boost the positioning of our Uruguay Natural Country Brand in the world and for its values to be transferred to all the products and services offered by the country

What is the Country Brand?

It is the graphic, nominal and symbolic representation that identifies a country and differentiates it from the others, making it unique. It is a process that involves building and protecting the international reputation of the country and its image abroad. The result of a well-positioned and clear image is added value to the products generated in it.

The Country Brand of Uruguay

The brand of a country acts as an umbrella, as a frame of reference, as an indicator of quality, not only of the products and services it offers, but also of its tourist places and as an investment country, creating an internal feeling of national pride. Integrating both public and private sectors, to convey every advantage that counts, adding value to the country as a whole.

The isotype is appealed in verbal and iconic mixed symbolic form, alluding to the name by the initial "U" and the institutional context in reference to the National Pavilion. It also refers to a person with arms raised. The colors of the brand are inspired by the national flag: blue and yellow.

Why is Uruguay quality of life?

Because Uruguay is a country that respects nature, and is integrated into it in a careful and balanced way. It is a country that seeks to develop its maximum potential, without forgetting its identity and its values, which provides stability and security so that we can all grow.

Take care of their people and provide as much as possible for their development.

Uruguay is an open and accessible country that is based on respect and cooperation that tends to balance dedication and effort with enjoyment and is based on two central attributes: a particular and unique spirit, and harmony in its broadest and deepest sense.

It is a country that transmits the complete uniqueness and originality of its being in each action, each word, and each thing it undertakes and achieves.