Creative industries

A creative beacon that transcends borders

With a rich history of commitment to education and culture, Uruguay is emerging as a natural exporter of cultural and creative industries. In addition to the artistic talent of its creators, the country has a solid technological infrastructure, highly trained professionals, and a commitment to sustainable innovation.

In the last decade, Uruguay has experienced a significant boom in the production of high-quality audiovisual content, consolidating its position as a major contender in the global market as an exporter of works and services.  The publishing industry continues to provide examples of the diversity and originality of Uruguayan literary production, which has won the highest awards in the Spanish-speaking world.  In the field of video games, the country proved to be a hotbed of talent, combining creativity and technology to offer unique experiences. The music industry with its cultural richness and fusion capacity distinguishes Uruguay worldwide and Uruguayan advertising and fashion design reflect the country's rich cultural identity, attracting global attention with its avant-garde and authentic approach.

Uruguay offers creative excellence and a deep connection to its cultural heritage, making it an ideal partner for those seeking authenticity and avant-garde vision.

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