E-commerce in China offers interesting opportunities for medium-sized enterprises in Uruguay

China is currently Uruguay's main trading partner, and one thing Uruguayans can be satisfied about is that, moreover, this balance is positive, although Uruguay's exports so far are mainly concentrated in what might be called "raw materials": meat, wood, wool and soybeans. However, in recent years a trend has also developed with companies beginning to penetrate the Asian market with other products or services with higher added value. [...]

Focus and identity, the keys to Uruguayan wine exports

In Uruguay we are playing a good game when it comes to wine exports. Why? In the first place because the identity of the production is totally genuine, and that is the differential of our wineries. We produce wines with proven quality, and the wineries, which are mostly family-owned, carry with them a lot of tradition and their own expressions. In the case of the Marichal winery, its first antecedent dates back to 1916, when my great-grandparents [...]

Participation in fairs as a tool for international promotion - The case of De Rosa Collection

Participation in international fairs is the main instrument that an exporting company, like us, must consider to access international markets and should be taken into account in any internationalization strategy. In a short period, between 4 and 7 days, in one place, the fairs offer the possibility of exhibiting products, contacting directly with customers and suppliers and identifying new market trends. In 2001, after the "9/11", [...]

"I just know I don't know anything"

It is common for many Uruguayan entrepreneurs to have an export wish list. It is logical. When you think of the market in our country, you know that the possibilities are at least limited. However, many times companies do not finish doing their homework well in order to get out. It is common to see how steps are skipped running after this objective. For small businessmen the road becomes uphill. They are alone, with a lot of tasks. [...]

Uruguay exports architectural services

Estudio ESEExport by betting on quality, technology and human capital Estudio ESE was born in 2014 and from the beginning we decided to focus on the export of BIM services (Building Information Modeling). At present, our firm of Architecture and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) has developed more than one million square meters, has managed to work with architecture, engineering and construction firms in the United States, in addition [...]

Why an internationalization plan is worth it - The case of Sunny Sky Solutions

Entrepreneurs have a thousand things to take care of, and internationalization, especially for SMEs, is "one more thing" of the many that concern them. Even when expanding beyond borders is absolutely crucial to the survival or growth of our business, we know that it takes time to develop an export plan, or an internationalization plan. So why invest such scarce time in this plan? Here are eight reasons to think about it. The process [...]

Commercial missions to export high complexity architecture and engineering – “LAB-PLANNING” Case

"Commercial missions and international fairs have allowed us a personalized approach to potential clients and partners, consolidating the face-to-face meeting as a fundamental value to achieve the progress of the projects" Both in Uruguay and in the world, buildings designed for laboratories, research centers or for  pharmaceutical industry are highly qualified spaces, designed and thought to produce efficiency with a very specific [...]

Export advice and legal services

The consolidation of Uruguay as a service exporting country is undoubtedly due to multiple factors. In our case, being a legal advice and services company, there is no doubt that the good reputation of the legal strengths in Uruguay is a key point and was fundamental to promote our expansion process. That reputation, highly valued abroad, greatly leveraged our export experience. The success of the work that our firm carried out in [...]


For more than 16 years I have been running an export promotion program with presence in Argentina and Spain but more than 25 years ago I am in foreign trade. I saw all kinds of cases, companies, challenges and illusions that aim  to the great achievement and challenge of internationalizing a company. Thousands were the cases with which I came across and entrepreneurs with whom I had the fortune to advise, train, guide and even accompany [...]

How to internationalize sales?

After carrying out the strategic plan, defining the sales objectives, making the selection of markets and establishing the best entry method, it is time to sell. But selling is much more than an expression of desire with a number in a sales plan. It is a commitment with ourselves, our partners or shareholders, our collaborators What are the main 3 problems to solve when internationalizing sales? Changes in consumer habits of the [...]


Furniture design studio created in 2009 by industrial designers Carlo Nicola and Agustín Menini. Poltrona 101, with which they participated in High Design 2016 (San Pablo, Brazil) and in Designjunction 2016 (London, England) The Results More than 10,000 units of furniture produced under the studio's license have been marketed in Brazil since 2012. The experience started by Menini Nicola has influenced other companies sector, to [...]


The challenge of exporting luxury foods Exporting a niche and high-end product requires an important investment, patience and a strategic line adjusted to reach the right audience, with the right messages. Estuario del Plata, through its brand Polanco Caviar, has achieved international recognition and access to the most demanding markets. This is the result of a path that combines technical / productive, commercial and management aspects.   RESULTS [...]

The world as a platform for business and professional growth

Since its formation, four years ago, RDA Engineering faced the challenge of gaining space in the global market for services associated with infrastructure projects. To achieve this objective, the firm aimed to have a team of professionals specialized in different areas and to implement an internationalization strategy that, so far, allowed it to work in the development of projects in 17 countries. The chosen path seems to be the right [...]

Women entrepreneurs - challenges and opportunities for improvement

The field is not even between women and men in the world of work. There is a gap that responds to gender stereotypes, the way in which paid and unpaid work is distributed, a traditional labor structure, among other factors that affect the advancement of women in leadership positions, as well as their participation in certain industries. This is a global phenomenon that has a great echo in Latin American countries. In the case of [...]