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The consolidation of Uruguay as a service exporting country is undoubtedly due to multiple factors. In our case, being a legal advice and services company, there is no doubt that the good reputation of the legal strengths in Uruguay is a key point and was fundamental to promote our expansion process. That reputation, highly valued abroad, greatly leveraged our export experience.

The success of the work that our firm carried out in Uruguay for international companies was the trigger for the export experience. Multinationals, some of them among the largest in the world, asked us in the first instance to replicate in Paraguay the legal work carried out in Uruguay

To achieve this, the standardization of the criteria and procedures, both the work of the professionals and the internal operations of the company, was essential, since in other countries the idiosyncrasy, culture, laws and even times are very different.

In this line, another key element, highly valued by our clients, was the presence of local professionals of trust and high level in each country, knowing the details of the peculiar regulations of their geographies, able to understand the needs of a company and the possible alternatives to meet those needs in their countries.

This successful unification of criteria allowed the second expansion to be possible, which made us reach Bolivia a clear processes and ways of working.

But the strengthening of our international operations had a turning point when the operation was opened in Zona Franca, which allowed us to establish a back office center from which all the work carried out abroad is managed and controlled.

This key element helped, in addition, to multiply the frontiers, since at the moment the work is done for everybody, allowing that the export was not limited only to the countries in which we settled with our own offices.

The consolidation of our export operation quickly allowed us to move towards the second major objective: to be a channel to make the export experience of third parties feasible.

This path traveled as exporters of legal services was transformed, then, into the path of others. Our internationalization allowed us to give a better and more specific service to those companies interested in leaving Uruguay, advised by our professionals in Uruguay and at the same time by professionals from Bolivia and / or Paraguay

In the same way, several European or North American companies used our service platform to take their first steps in Latin America, highlighting on many other things the importance of being able to centralize the advice and works of an entire region, in a single firm.

We are proud and grateful for the progress of which we have been protagonists along with several Uruguayan companies that took their first steps out of the country using our services and now have their consolidated regional business.

We believe in Uruguay as a generator of opportunities and from our place we will continue working to generate them.

Dr. Pablo Monsuárez
Partner director – CervieriMonsuárez& Asociados

CervieriMonsuárez & Asociados is a regional law firm with offices in Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Zona Franca.

Among its main areas of work are, in addition to the internationalization of business, everything related to Intellectual Property (registration of trademarks, patents or copyrights), combating counterfeiting and smuggling, regional regulatory advice, contracts, franchises, constitution of notarial societies and services.

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