A consolidated technology and innovation HUB

A long history of political, social, and macroeconomic stability and the existence of a consolidated and dynamic innovation ecosystem make Uruguay a regional technology hub and a global provider of IT solutions. This growth process has allowed Uruguay to become the leading software exporter per capita in Latin America.

Competitive advantages of the sector

Its strategic location as a gateway to the region, intermediate time zone between the United States and Europe, and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure facilitate business and access to large global markets.

The development opportunities offered by Uruguay's IT industry are wide-ranging, with companies with proven track records in custom software development, as well as companies specializing in smart cities, gaming, tech, fintech, health tech, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and cybersecurity.

With exports exceeding USD 1.8 billion, Uruguay has positioned itself as the largest exporter per capita in the region, reaching markets such as the United States (destination of +80% of exports), the United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Panama and Paraguay.

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