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Why invest in Uruguay?

Uruguay offers a very favorable environment for the installation of companies from various sectors of the economy both in its greenfield modality and through Mergers and Acquisitions. Investment funds and foreign companies decide to set up in the country by means of M&A or by investing in State projects.

Uruguay offers investment opportunities in specific projects in various sectors: agribusiness, manufacturing, retail, real estate and infrastructure, among others. These projects correspond to operating companies seeking to restructure or expand operations, ideas and investment projects, companies in difficulty, or projects tendered by the State where the private sector is seeking to make an investment or management.


Opportunities in companies and projects in various sectors


M&As in Uruguay

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Foreign companies that invested in Uruguay
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Uruguay is a country open to foreign investment and has an ideal investment climate that ensures a friendly environment for doing business, an attractive and stable legal regime, and a regulatory and institutional framework that adapts to the needs of investors.


This report aims to characterize the Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem in Uruguay and trends in mergers and acquisitions.


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