Our organization is made up of multidisciplinary technical teams and their areas work dynamically and interactively. Commitment and orientation to the client is our work methodology; therefore we provide efficient services and ensure honesty and transparency in all our steps.

Exports Promotion

In Uruguay XXI we work to contribute to the consolidation, expansion and diversification of Uruguay's goods and services exports to a greater number of markets as well as to promote the export culture throughout the country.

We accompany you in the process so that you grow exporting

Our pillars:

  1. Advise on the steps to follow to internationalize Uruguayan companies.
  2. Articulate with the ecosystem.
  3. Build capacities.

Our strategic objectives:

  1. Promote the growth and diversification of exports.
  2. Promote the export culture

Investments Promotion

We are the first point of contact for the foreign investor. Positioning Uruguay as a strategic destination for productive investments is our goal of work. To achieve this, we have created a work methodology based on three fundamental pillars: advise, inform and promote.

Exports Global Services Program

Through this Program, with support from the IDB, we promote Uruguay as a strategic provider of global services and a "regional hub" for the setting up of corporate service centers. We work in attracting investments, internationalizing and improving the business environment of the sector with focus on international promotion, sector specialization and after-care actions.

Today, Uruguay Smart Services is the sector brand that frames this strategy and with which we represent the advantages offered by our country in areas such as information technology, corporate services, pharmaceutical and health, and architecture and engineering.

Priority sectors

Competitive Intelligence

We generate and keep updated the information of the competitive scenario in which Uruguay develops its activities of export promotion and training of foreign investments. In addition, we identify, analyze and disseminate new business opportunities for the country.

All of our promotional activities are backed by solid business intelligence work that includes prospective visits, business opportunity reports, country profiles, as well as market access workshops.

Country Brand - Uruguay Natural

The brand of a country is the graphic, nominal and symbolic representation that identifies it and differentiates it from others, making it unique. It is a powerful tool to boost foreign trade, investment and tourism, as well as to generate belonging, identity and pride towards the values that represent it.

The brand of our country is Uruguay Natural. In Uruguay XXI we work to expand its position in the world and so that its values are also transferred to the products and services that Uruguay produces.

Image and communication

We promote and maximize the impact of our promotional actions with the development of communication strategies designed for each market and target audience. Our team works continuously generating new promotional materials that enhance the country image, spreading the values that represent us and commercial information in local and international press and producing content for various digital platforms and social networks.

Administration and Finances

Through our administration and finance department, we carry forward the continuous improvement of the management of the agency and its human resources. This includes economic, financial, accounting, logistical and IT support, as well as support in strategic planning and project methodology.


We support installed companies in the improvement of their business environment and the detection of opportunities. We meet the challenges of companies and promote dynamic sectors