The challenge of exporting luxury foods

Exporting a niche and high-end product requires an important investment, patience and a strategic line adjusted to reach the right audience, with the right messages. Estuario del Plata, through its brand Polanco Caviar, has achieved international recognition and access to the most demanding markets. This is the result of a path that combines technical / productive, commercial and management aspects.



Polanco Caviar has recently been awarded 3 gold stars, the highest award given in the Superior Taste Award of the International Taste and Quality Institute (International Taste & Quality Institute, iTQi) of Brussels. It is the first time in history that a caviar gets the distinction of 3 gold stars, being rated as Exceptional and with a score of 90% and higher.

The jury of the Taste Award is composed of 140 chefs, sommeliers and opinion leaders chosen for their experience among the 14 most prestigious gastronomic associations in Europe.

Currently the company exports to destinations such as Japan, Russia, USA, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Germany, Chile, among others.


Estuario del Plata is a fish farming enterprise dedicated to the breeding of sturgeons for the production of meat and caviar. A fluvial farm located in San Gregorio de Polanco, on the Negro River, with an annual production capacity of 10 tons of caviar.

There the complete cycle is carried out in the breeding of the sturgeon, from the reproduction until its final fattening, using ration of own manufacture and technology of last generation, guaranteeing an adequate and natural nutritional balance for each stage of the breeding. It is an innovative company, highly competitive in the luxury food market, oriented to quality and committed to sustainability in each of its actions.


One of the key aspects was to consolidate a technical and commercial team in Uruguay that could respond to the highest demands of a global luxury market.

This required the participation of experts from around the world. Many countries have been visited and foreign specialists have been brought in to adapt the traditional techniques of sturgeon culture and caviar harvest to our natural environment and production system.

At the same time, commercial and promotional activities were carried out at fairs all over the world that allowed Uruguay to position itself as the producer of the highest quality caviar.

The results achieved require patience, perseverance, technical support, tolerance to frustration, a lot of ingenuity and desire to conquer markets where there is a lot of competition but also where the market has to be created.