Uruguay exports architectural services

Estudio ESE
Export by betting on quality, technology and human capital

Estudio ESE was born in 2014 and from the beginning we decided to focus on the export of BIM services (Building Information Modeling). At present, our firm of Architecture and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) has developed more than one million square meters, has managed to work with architecture, engineering and construction firms in the United States, in addition to having participated in complex projects, mainly residential and hotel in 28 cities in more than 10 countries.

These achievements were possible thanks to a careful internationalization strategy based on entering new markets through partners and the generation of strategic alliances with commercial agents that carry out the search, the approach and the concretion of the projects.

The partners are an important piece to scale in new markets because of the experience, contacts and know how they provide. In addition, they allow to maintain the reduced infrastructure costs, a fundamental aspect in the beginnings of an enterprise, and facilitate the entrance to each country by its natural cultural affinity.

The support of the Uruguayan government, through the Global Services export program led by Uruguay XXI, has allowed us to be at the forefront in architectural trends and ongoing training, fundamental aspects to stand in front of foreign markets.

It has also been of vital importance to offer quality services, with defined protocols, manuals and documents, as well as to monitor the care of the client and of each project.

All this would not be possible without a multidisciplinary and qualified team. In order to go out in an orderly way to external markets, we have prioritized human capital. The formation of teams has allowed us to delegate in an intelligent way the work, without forgetting to value each one of the individual and group efforts.

Sebastián Sanabria / CEO of Estudio ESE

TATÚ Arquitectura
Uruguayan talent stands out abroad

With six years of experience in the market, at TATÚ, our architecture, design and construction studio, we entered the European market for the first time, reaching one of the milestones in our path of growth.

This was possible thanks to an international competition organized by the Cabildo de Lanzarote through the international platform ReThinking! Competitions, which allowed us to present ideas for the design and architectural intervention of an old hydraulic power station in disuse in the Canary Islands to turn it into a centre of culture and art.

With the first prize in hand, which will allow us to be protagonists in the construction of Lanzarote Music Factory, we are in the process of executive development of the project, which will be built during 2019 and will represent our first work built in Europe.

At the same time, we developed the preliminary project Balsa de Maneje Photovoltaic Power Plant, commissioned by the Lanzarote Water Consortium, for the structural support system of an energy collection plant of approximately 20,000 square meters to be built in the coming years.

The development of our projects at an international level is supported by a solid network of collaboration with our strategic partners located in Europe and South America.

In our studio, formed today by young architects, we understand that each work is unique and involves unique specificities derived from their needs and location, therefore, we approach scale, functionality, design and technology as opportunities for innovation by specifying solutions that accompany a contemporary vision.

We consider ourselves to be enterprising and proactive, and in order to achieve the best results we go through a process of constant updating that allows us to grow together with our clients, aiming at the optimization of results in management, constructive development and investment advice. At present, we have developed more than 40 projects related to single-family and collective housing, commercial and industrial programs, among others.

Martín Olivera Garmendia / Partner - Founder of TATÚ arquitectura

Achieve continuity with foreign markets

TIMB was formally born in 2016, although its bases began to gestate around 2010, when we coincided with Ignacio Fynn and Martín Platero in the famous equation "time and place". We were fortunate to have an experimental period of almost six years (throughout our training in Faculty) to meet and validate, in terms of equipment, what would end up being TIMB.

Today TIMB has two well-defined facets, at the local level we are dedicated to developing comprehensive architectural projects ranging from the conception of the idea to its materialization, while at the international level we offer services for just over a year.

The internationalization project became an internal department that we call TIMBworld. In the international framework we achieved from day one a constancy that is not so easy to find in the local market. The scheme of work is quite simple and involves a productive part based in Montevideo and another that is responsible for getting customers and auditing, from the normative-constructive, what is developed in Montevideo.

TIMBworld started offering services of representation of pre-projects and nowadays we are offering, to different clients, an integral set of services that go from the processing of information and development of documentation of different nature, up to the own design of architectural projects. This last part is the newest, and its consolidation and development is one of TIMBworld's most ambitious objectives.

Architect Bruno Pedreira / Director of TIMB

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