Commercial missions to export high complexity architecture and engineering – “LAB-PLANNING” Case

"Commercial missions and international fairs have allowed us a personalized approach to potential clients and partners, consolidating the face-to-face meeting as a fundamental value to achieve the progress of the projects"

Both in Uruguay and in the world, buildings designed for laboratories, research centers or for  pharmaceutical industry are highly qualified spaces, designed and thought to produce efficiency with a very specific objective. These spaces require controlled environmental conditions and minimalist nature, are highly technified and are developed to allow obtaining results that meet the corresponding international quality, safety and efficacy standards.

Each country, with its market and its society, represents a particular universe beyond its belonging to the globalized grid; and each site deserves a "tailor-made suit", either in the analysis thereof or in the response that is projected to customers and partners for different ventures

In our case, we developed an internationalization strategy -which is still in constant improvement- participating in countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina and Panama, where trade missions and international fairs were a very valuable instrument to address each case and context in particular.

These instruments, which we have been able to access, have allowed us a customize approach to potential clients and partners, consolidating the face-to-face meeting as a fundamental value to achieve the progress of the projects. Obviously, these instruments have been valid in correspondence with an important work on our part; studying, preparing and executing solutions adjusted to each undertaken scenario. Providing a good proposal is to try to know the counterpart in a meticulous way.

Our strength has been to develop the specialization and professionalization of Lab-Planning as an outstanding service of our work in the area of pharmacy, health and research. Particularly, it is what we are recognized within the discipline and the industry, both in Uruguay and abroad.

We have had good receptivity in each country visited and we always seek to support that openness to listen to our proposal with a multidisciplinary prepared team, technology, software and innovative solutions that provide current answers.

We are currently working hard with the international client portfolio. It is very important to diversify and project the export potential that we have as latent intellectual capital and available to apply immediately. Uruguay has developed a profile of professional services very well conceptualized abroad and precisely this must be implemented and taken care of as strength.

Uruguay XXI has been a great ally in our development and internationalization process in these years, in which the first steps are decisive. The good accompaniment of the professionals of the institute, who guide and advise to advance properly in each step that has been taken, has been fundamental. We also highlight the synergy generated with the rest of the companies and professionals that participate in each event, enhancing the results and the information feedback necessary to go out into the world more prepared and protected in other experiences.

Architecture Juan Andrés Marín

LAB Sud is a Uruguayan company specialized in the development of architecture and engineering projects and construction of buildings, plants and complexes for laboratories of high complexity and demand.

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