Forest Investment Consulting


Uruguay XXI, as the institute in charge of promoting Uruguayan investments and exports, has adopted a strategy of prioritizing sectors for the promotion of investments; such is the example of the Forestry-Wood sector.

By hiring a private consultancy, the Institute conducted a "baseline analysis of the Uruguayan Forestry-Wood sector". The objective of it was to contribute to the first phase of the prospective study of the forestry-wood sector, for which OPP hired the Finnish Technological Center VTT. The final phase consists of preparing a roadmap for the defined Forestry Bioeconomy Areas (FBA). In this sense, from the Investment Promotion Department of Uruguay XXI it was defined to support the strategy of external insertion by attracting foreign investment.



To have an investment promotion plan in the Forestry value chain. To accomplish this and based on the FBAs defined in the framework of the OPP-VTT prospective (see annex), it is necessary to identify in which segments of the value chain there is potential and/or need to attract foreign investment, recognize which investment form would be more attractive and convenient for the development of the sector. Additionally, it is necessary to develop a value proposal, as well as identify in which markets the potential investors are, propose promotion activities and provide a list of potential targets to start the promotion activities. Additionally, it is expected to identify key players abroad that can act as multipliers or developers for the sector in Uruguay.                                                                                                                                      

Cierre: 29/08/2018