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Veterinary Supplies

The agricultural sector explains much of the growth experienced in recent years by the Uruguayan economy. In particular, during 2017, animal husbandry, associated services and processing represented about 6% of the national GDP.

Uruguayan cattle ranching is known worldwide, with cattle being raised in the open air and fed on natural pastures. Also, the sanitary condition allows the entrance of a wide variety of products to the most demanding markets. In this sense, Uruguayan veterinary inputs contribute to the sector by providing security and confidence.

Uruguay applies a national bovine traceability system that provides data on the life of each animal, from birth to slaughter. This is a factor that significantly affects the country's competitiveness, mainly because of the confidence it gives to buyers.  

Exports from this sector averaged US$ 47 million in the last five years, and in 2018 totaled US$ 51 million, reaching 53 destinations. Brazil was the largest with 30% of sales, followed by South Africa (13%) and France (12%).

With a high level of quality and technology in its processes, some 25 companies participate in these sales, both from the national territory and from the Free Trade Zones. Among the veterinary inputs exported from Uruguay, pharmaceutical products stand out, which in turn include medicines, vaccines, antisera and hormones.

In addition, the sector's exports also include excipients, caravans for traceability -and associated products-, instruments and apparatuses for veterinary medicine.


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