Inbound marketing and the art of capturing business on the Internet

Fecha de publicación: 09/12/2015

Uruguay XXI organized the Exporting Step by Step Workshop "Inbound marketing and the art of capturing business on the Internet", by the Spanish expert Carmen Urbano, with more than 20 years of experience in international companies.

The workshop dealt with attraction marketing or inbound marketing: one of the most novel and applauded methodologies in business environments, which favors the diversification of markets and opens new ways to make an unknown Internet user become a customer. The keys to 360º internationalization and the main features and tools of international inbound marketing (social media marketing, content marketing and SEO marketing) were addressed.

Other videos:

Carmen Urbano talks about the advantages of 360º internationalization. Watch video

Carmen Urbano discusses the main mistakes that companies make in online marketing.  Watch video

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