Forestry Sector

Why invest in Uruguay's forestry sector?

  • The Uruguayan economy has gone through 16 years of continuous growth, being also the most equitable country with the highest per capita income in Latin America.
  • Uruguay has a consolidated democratic system, by which the three main parties in the government have alternated, maintaining the commitment to respect the business climate and clear rules of the game.

  • Uruguay offers a favorable business climate, great social stability, with fiscal incentives for investors and strong corporate responsibility.

  • Several foreign companies chose Uruguay to set up and develop their activities, such as UPM —Finnish capitals—, which set up in the country in 2007, Montes del Plata —Chilean and Swedish–Finnish capitals— which set up in 2009. In addition, important TIMOs, such as GFP, BTG, The Rohatyn Group, Liberty Mutual and Stafford operate in Uruguay.

  • Geographical location: Uruguay is located at the same latitude as the main forestry enterprises in the southern hemisphere. It is located in a climatic zone similar to that of southern Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and central areas of Argentina and Chile, with climate and soil conditions that ensure very good levels of international competitiveness.

  • Our country has a stable legal framework conducive to investment in the forestry sector and a national code of good forestry practices to achieve sustainable production, meeting the requirements of international demand.

  • Uruguay aims at a greater integration of forestry activities with extensive livestock - two of the country's main activities - which allows for an increase in production while contemplating greater efficiency in the use of natural resources.

  • In Uruguay there are important opportunities for the installation of industries that achieve a greater added value to wood. The great offer of pine wood, coming from managed and certified plantations, is a great attraction for the installation of first and second mechanical transformation companies. The annual availability of this wood exceeds 3 million cubic meters per year, far surpassing the industrial capacity of the country.

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