Entry requirements

In Uruguay there are two types of procedures: visa and residence. After or during the residency procedure (depending on the type of residency), a personal ID must be requested.

The visa refers to entry into the country. Uruguay requires that some nationalities be granted a permit (visa) prior to entering the country.

The residence is the mandatory procedure when deciding to settle in the country for family, work, study, religious or other reasons. In this manner, the residency will enable you to work legally in Uruguay. Before starting the procedure, you must choose the type of residency that best suits your situation:

Several types of residence exist in Uruguay, and are adapted to every particular situation for those who intend to work in the country legally. A residence permit will allow you to work in Uruguay legally. Before you begin the process with the National Immigration Office, you must choose the type of residence that best suits your situation:

  • Provisional Identity Sheet (Hoja Provisoria de Identidad)
  • Temporary Legal Residence
  • Permanent Legal Residence


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