Foreign Trade Annual Report - 2019

  • Uruguay's exports of goods, including those from free zones, registered an increase of 0.7% in 2019, totaling US$ 9.146 billion. In a year marked by trade tensions between major markets and a relative slowdown in the world economy, Uruguay's export sector performed at a similar pace to the region.
  • Growth in soybean exports -based on volume- and beef exports -explained by the price factor- boosted external sales in 2019 and managed to compensate for the drop in exports of live cattle and forest products (cellulose and wood), which were the products with a negative impact in 2019.
  • Once again China was the main trading partner in 2019, representing 31% of exports with amounts of US$ 2,872 million and a significant growth compared to 2018. It is followed by the European Union (17%), Brazil (13%), the United States (7%), Argentina (4%), and Mexico (3%).
  • Imports of goods - not considering oil and derivatives - reached US$ 7.2 billion, representing a 7% retraction with respect to 2018. The main products imported were vehicles, clothing, plastics, telephones and chemicals.

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