Foreign Trade Report - 2018

  • Uruguayan exports of goods, including those from free trade zones, recorded a slight increase of 0.4% in 2018, totaling US$ 9,088 million. The poor soybean harvest as a result of the drought largely explains the stagnation of exports in 2018. In fact, if soybeans are excluded, exports of goods would have grown close to 9%.

  • Exports of cellulose, wood, beef, dairy products, and vehicles had the largest positive impact on growth in 2018, while sales of soybeans and rice recorded reductions that had the largest negative impacts of the year.
  • China was the main trading partner in 2018, representing 26% of exports with exported amounts of US$ 2,328 million. It was followed by the European Union (18%), Brazil (12%), the United States (7%), Argentina (5%), and Mexico (4%).
  • According to projections prepared by Uruguay XXI, in 2019 Uruguayan exports of goods would grow at levels close to 4%. This growth will be based on the recovery of agro-industrial exports, especially those of agricultural products, which fell the most in 2018.
  • Imports of goods -without considering oil and derivatives- reached US$ 7,635 million, which represented an increase of 3% in 2018. The main imported products were vehicles, clothing, plastics, telephones and chemicals.

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