Tips for developing a successful e-commerce

Learn here about digital options and sales platforms to close business deals.
Publication date: 01/04/2020

In the present public health situation and following the strategy of export promotion, Uruguay XXI shares a series of tips to optimize e-commerce, a promising alternative for Uruguayan companies.

A large number of sales platforms, both multisectoral and segmented by type of product, are just some of the options offered by the digital world. Adapting the exportable offer to the new environment implies challenges and opportunities. That is why the agency of investment promotion, exports and country brand presents some of the suggestions made by its specialists.

Four tips for online sales

  • Quality photos and videos: online sales are mainly audiovisual, which makes it essential to have high quality photos and videos for each of the products, which show every detail and help the consumer make the purchase decision.
  • Description and details of the product: together with the image, this is another factor that highly influences the purchase. The description should be detailed and should include data such as manufacturing materials, dimensions and weight.
  • Company information: in addition to the product, the online consumer needs to feel that there is a real company on the other side, with real people who will ensure that the transaction flows successfully. It is important to include the logo, a description of the company and its mission, origin and direct contact information. A brief introduction of the people in charge also helps.
  • Optimization with Google: The Google My Business tool allows you to update from one single place your company's information in all Google applications, such as your search engine, maps and social network. This not only makes it easier for the company, but also centralizes all the information in one place so that your customers can contact you more easily.

International marketplaces 

Multisectorial platforms

Worldwide marketplace for all kinds of products. It works as a shop and online auctions. The platform allows you to create your own shop and promote your products through monthly payments. The page is in both English and Spanish. 

B2B Marketplace for Latin American and Russian exporters. This is a platform for all types of products. To create a store you need an annual paid subscription. 

Bonanza is an American marketplace where you can sell any kind of product, although it specializes in fashion, home, health, beauty and art products. The platform charges a commission for completed sales and offers digital marketing plans that are discounted from the sales made. The site is available in both English and Spanish.

For furniture, accessories and household items

B2B cured furniture platform. In order to register, it is necessary to contact those responsible and have the possibility of sending products to the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as meeting their quality standards. The platform, available only in English, charges a 30% commission. 

B2B platform for interior designers and architects, where furniture companies can sell as suppliers or directly B2C via Archiproducts Shop. The site is in both English and Spanish. 

B2B platform for interior designers, where furniture companies can register as suppliers The page is available in English only.

Marketplace specialized in design objects. They sell contemporary and vintage furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories and crafts. It is a curated platform that has an application process. The site is in English only. 

Marketplace specializing in furniture, art, jewelry and collectibles. It seeks to position itself as a platform specializing in high-end products. It is a cured platform that has a nomination process. The site is in English only. 

Marketplace for household items. This is a platform that buys at wholesale price and sells at retail price, without charging commission. In order to sell, it is necessary to have a deposit in the United States. The site is in English only.

For fashion

FarFetch is described by its managers as the only global digital marketplace for luxury fashion in the world. It seeks to provide access to a wide range of products from the best international brands and boutiques. The platform, which charges a commission of 25% per sale, is a "cured" marketplace, so it involves an application process. The site is in both English and Spanish. 

B2B platform for fashion and lifestyle items. This is a paid marketplace for brands, which involves an annual subscription and a commission on sales.  The page is in English only. 

For professional services

Online platform for design and home renovation that brings together millions of homeowners with professionals in the sector. It is a platform for services sale. The site is in both English and Spanish. 

For handicrafts and design objects

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative items. It provides a market for artisans, artists and collectors to sell their own handmade creations, vintage products (at least 20 years old) and craft materials. Joining the platform and opening a shop is free of charge. There are three basic sales fees: per publication, per transaction and per payment processing. The site also offers two ways to register, the standard, free of charge, and the plus, which with a monthly payment provides a set of tools to achieve better results. Sales can be channelled through credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay and Etsy gift cards. The site is in both English and Spanish.

Online market for handicrafts. Opening a shop is free, a 10% commission is charged for sales. Payments are only through PayPal. 

Global platform for handicrafts and handmade products. The site offers different monthly plans depending on the size of the store as well as the level of exposure you want. Costs range from USD 4.95 to USD 40 per month. The site is in English only. 

It works as a B2C marketplace and as a platform for sales through different channels (Etsy, Zibbet and A.C. Moore). It is focused on crafts and design. For the use of the marketplace no commissions are charged and you must pay USD 5 per month per channel used. The site is in English only.

B2C cured platform of design objects, accessories and crafts. The site, available only in English, does not charge for opening an account, but does charge a 4.9% commission per sale.

For technological products

Newegg is a marketplace for electronic products. In order to sell on the platform you have to apply to the company. The page is in English only.

For photography

Networking and dissemination platform for photographers. It allows to participate in competitions and to license photographs. It is used to promote professional services.

Marketplace for photographers. Allows you to set up a website to upload your portfolio and market it. Plans range from USD 5 to USD 30 per month. The page is in both English and Spanish. 


It is an online market of sustainable projects, oriented to responsible proposals in the ecological and social aspects. The site focuses on offering visibility to products aimed at an audience sensitized to sustainability, fairness and ethics. Purchases are not channelled through the platform but through the pages of each participating brand. It is available in both Spanish and English

A platform that brings together the world's leading galleries, museums, foundations, fairs and auctions. It is an art marketplace with authenticity certifications. The page is only in English. 


Websites for freelancers

Available in spanish

It has a network with presence throughout Latin America. The registered freelancers apply for offers related to design and application, video and animation development, text writing and translation, marketing campaigns, legal and financial consulting, among others. 

The portal allows companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to find professionals in the most diverse areas to perform specific jobs. 

It is a site designed for advertising, graphic or illustration designers.

The freelancer has the possibility to apply for short and long term jobs, work on an hourly basis or for a complete project. The client posts the project and the freelancers are free to apply with a proposal and a budget. 

The platform allows you to compete with other professionals through skill contests. It offers many projects, for different professional profiles and under different modalities: hourly, project-based, etc. Nubelo accounts were added to this platform. The latter was aimed at the digital sector, especially programmers, writers and professionals in areas such as e-commerce, SEO, SEM, community management, digital design, among others. 

The platform communicates to clients that post their projects with freelancers that offer their work. 

The site connects customers with freelancers through project jobs. It is only available in English. 

The freelancer applies to different jobs published by the clients. At the same time, customers can browse freelancer profiles and hire them directly. 

Portal aimed at freelancers and experienced professionals. It has a strict selection system, but gives access to important client projects, with appropriate compensation. It is not necessary to apply to projects: the portal is in charge of connecting the client and the freelancer. 

This platform presents a range of projects aimed at marketers, SEO specialists, software engineers, designers, content creators, among others.

He's a job seeker for freelancers. Here you can find full-time, part-time or flexible-hour offers.

B2B platform focused on the ICT sector 


Applications for social networks marketing 

Create options to sell on your Instagram and Facebook store.  

Import your online store into Facebook. An international marketplace is recommended for this application. 

Online store generated from Instagram account.

Platform for building stores from existing websites.

Platform for e-commerce solutions.


Sales and promotion platforms

Web platform where design companies can promote themselves and sell their work to clients all over the world. It is worth mentioning the selection of handmade products designers, Clothes with a history


Platforms for presenting design projects

It functions as an "incubator" for projects where the best are produced and buyers are sought.

Collaborative space where designers and makers make together furniture and handmade articles of interior design using 4.0 technologies.



Crowdfunding platform for innovative products in the early stages of development It allows users to contribute at different levels, accessing a variety of benefits. The page is only in English.

Crowdfundig platform for creative and innovative ideas. The financing is "all or nothing", if the project does not reach its goal in the stipulated time it is not realized. The page is in both English and Spanish.