Fecha de publicación: 14/11/2017

The relationship between Chinese history and culture with the way of doing business, the importance of having a strategy and segmentation, the role of the hierarchy and the preparation of a business trip were some of the topics addressed in the workshop.  How to Negotiate with China, organized by Uruguay XXI on November 10 at the Radisson Hotel  In the activity, the doctor in International Relations Ignacio Bartesaghi, dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences and director of the Department of International Business and Integration of the Catholic University of Uruguay, offered the keys to do business with the Asian country.

Bartesaghi spoke about Chinese history and culture and how it impacts when doing business. "The Chinese are proud of their history. You have to study Confucius, read his behavior because they behave the same in business. " He added that "they do not like chaos, they like the order, the tranquility, the Chinese philosophy is about harmony". In this sense, he recommended spending time doing business and respecting the times, since in China the process is valued.


In turn, he referred to the importance of segmenting and having an adequate strategy and preparation. "You have to understand the logic of the provinces to understand where we can go." In this sense he indicated that "there is a perception that it is easy to do business with China but it is not. You have to think hard about what can and can not be done. Each city is different. " In turn, he spoke about the new stage in which the country is entering, the centralized economic structure and the importance of hierarchies. "The hierarchy is something fundamental. They want to talk to the boss, the decision maker. "

"China is the main producer of what they want. You can sell and buy what you want. " In addition, he noted that in China "everything is to be done in services and we can place them". China leads electronic commerce. It grows 10 times more than the common trade.

Indicated as key issues for entering the Chinese market know the peculiarities and consumption habits, and sales channels. He also highlighted the importance of having contact networks.

For his part, the counselor of the Embassy of Uruguay in China in the period 2011-2016 Daniel Cadenazzi spoke about the importance of traveling to China and have a direct and personal contact. In this regard, he pointed out the importance of planning meetings and transfers well and visiting clients based on geographic criteria, as well as checking the availability of interpreters.

He recommended that before presenting a product start by talking about our country, the form of production, the history of the company. He also referred to the importance of participating in international fairs and exhibitions. “In the Chinese idiosyncrasy a yes many times is not a yes, they might have understood what they said. It is very difficult for them to say no. They do not like confrontation, "he said.

On the end, the companies Zonamerica and Tafirel shared their experience doing business with the Asian country.

The activity was carried out as part of the preparatory actions for the China-LAC 2017 summit, which was held at the Punta del Este Convention Center from November 30 to December 2.

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