Life science / Pharmaceutical and health services

Pharmaceutical and health services

Ventajas competitivas de los servicios farmacéuticos en Uruguay:

  • An industry with great experience: Uruguay has a long tradition in the life science industry and specialized human resources with vast experience in the area; characteristics necessary to provide services to international laboratories that demand high quality standards.
  • Talent at competitive costs: The country has a high availability of talent and human resources with clinical specialization at competitive costs. About 1,200 researchers surveyed in the National System of Researchers declared to work in areas of interest for the Life Sciences industry, both in the university and in specialized research centers. More than 40 thousand students are enrolled in careers related to the field.
  • International standards: the country provides a regulatory framework that encourages companies and laboratories to provide high quality services for international companies.
  • Research ecosystem: Uruguay offers great government support along with a synergistic ecosystem of research institutions that nurture life sciences companies in Uruguay. The majority of these institutions, as well as the free zones with specific developments for the sector (Zonamérica and Parque de las Ciencias) are concentrated in an area of ​​the metropolitan area of ​​Montevideo, constituting what is called the "axis of innovation".

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