Calculate setup costs of your company in Uruguay

Uruguay XXI made available a new application that allows access to the main costs of establishing a business in the country.
Publication date: 17/09/2018

Companies that want to establish their business in the country now have a tool specially designed to calculate installation costs.

With a practical interface, this simulator allows to perform the exercise to estimate the costs of establishment, either in commercial premises, offices, co-workings, as well as for the industry or the agricultural sector in different areas.

Also, the tool allows the calculation of costs of opening the company on the basis of Corporations or Limited Liability Companies, and also including fees for notaries, approval of bylaws, registration in the National Registry of Commerce, publication and other associated costs.

The application also allows the estimation of the price of services such as water, electricity, telecommunications such as Internet access or fixed and mobile telephony, fuel, natural gas and car rental.

Another section enables to estimate the cost of human capital based on reference wages for labor in Uruguay and also the approximate costs of living in the country, taking into account variables such as the price of housing, medical insurance, water, natural gas, electricity, cable television and private education.

Finally, the simulator allows access to a summary of all calculations, knowing the annual cost and the total monthly cost.

The tool also offers a description of the fiscal and corporate aspects, which explains the taxes that reach companies and individuals such as IRAE, IRPF, IVA, IMESI, among others.

All generated reports can be downloaded in the Summary section.

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