Fecha de publicación: 28/12/2017

Balance and perspectives for 2018 with an intense work agenda in export promotion, investment promotion, care of the business climate and promotion of the image of Uruguay in the world. By Antonio Carámbula.

We celebrate the results of a new cycle of intense work firmly focused on the government's plans in terms of investment promotion and exports of goods and services, always close to the needs of the private sector.

This has been the first year of work within the framework of the National System of Productive Transformation and Competitiveness, in which we consolidate our permanent vocation to join efforts among all State institutions to optimize resources, be more efficient and more transparent.

In this new inter-institutional approach, we are proud to have led the start-up of the 2017 edition of the renewed Proexport + program, with benefits granted for more than $ 775,000. Thanks to this instrument, 41 Uruguayan companies with export potential will be able to implement internationalization strategies, capacity building and sales, in plans of up to two years.

During this year, our agency has worked with special emphasis on the promotion of investments. The promotion of the National Infrastructure Plan 2015/19, the organization of meetings focused on the positioning of Uruguay as a Regional Corporate Center and the 1st Business Forum of the European Union in Uruguay, are some of the main focuses of this year. The China-LAC 2017 Summit, which marked a historic milestone with the convening of 2400 entrepreneurs from China and Latin America who met in Punta del Este, is another of the great 2017's satisfactions.

We are also happy to share the results of the second edition of Smart Talent Day, in September, an annual event that brings together about 2000 young professionals and students with companies linked to global export services. In October, we organized the MUY Fair, which brought together 60 companies from among the more than 500 that are proudly part of the country brand community.

In this 2017 we had the honor and responsibility to coordinate the delegations and business agendas that attended the presidential missions to Germany, Finland, Russia, Egypt and Mexico. As every year, we also accompany national companies in fairs, commercial visits organized in markets and key sectors, missions of international buyers to Uruguay, business rounds and training activities for potential exporters. The generation of information and competitive intelligence tools has added value as input for the activities and missions of the year, both for the agency and for our public and private partners.

For this 2018, we doubled the commitment of Uruguay XXI in the promotion of investments, the free and efficient advice to those interested in investing in our country, and the care of the business climate further to the companies already installed in Uruguay.

We are committed to continue accompanying our companies in their export development, to provide them with personal attention, training and tools in order to strengthen the diversification of their exports to more and more markets.

In the last decade, Uruguay has positioned itself as a unique country. Reliable both in the export of goods and services, and in the security and stability offered to investors. All Uruguayans are protagonists and architects of this international reputation. Caring for this intangible and valuable capital is and will continue to be an essential part of our work, making the quality of our institutions, our products, our people and their way of life visible in the world.

Thanks to all those who shared the road during this year. We invite you to continue working together with excellence in the projects that lie ahead.

On my part and on the whole team of Uruguay XXI, my most sincere wish for an excellent 2018 for all.

Director Ejecutivo

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