Grow your business with "Pyme al mundo" (SME to the world)

Join this proposal of professionalization for exporting SMEs or those with export potential.
Publication date: 23/11/2020

The National Development Agency (ANDE), the National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII), Banco República (BROU), the Association of Uruguayan Exporters (UEU) and Uruguay XXI present SMEs to the world (Pyme al mundo), a professionalization proposal aimed at small and medium exporting companies or those with export potential. 

In an inter-institutional effort aimed at creating and consolidating exporters, Uruguayan SMEs are invited to participate in a cycle that seeks to promote their internationalization, with the support and advice of the organizations that make up the export ecosystem. 

The proposal includes mentoring, advising, and monitoring throughout the process of international development of a company. At the end of the cycle, the participating SMEs will have elaborated an action plan for internationalization and executed it with the accompaniment and guidance of a mentor and technician. They will also have the advice of experts in the topics that represent challenges and will be able to develop a network of qualified contacts that will be a support during the whole process.

This cycle is aimed at SMEs that have not exported but have export potential, and at small and medium-sized companies with less than two years of export experience. Between 10 and 20 SMEs will be selected, with priority given to those located in the interior of the country and those with gender or circular economy policies. 

To participate, companies must have a commercially validated product (good or service), provide the required information, and complete the corresponding evaluations. Likewise, the application requires the commitment of the company's management, the fulfillment of the stipulated time schedule, and the willingness to share the learning and experience with other entrepreneurs. 

The call to be part of SME to the world starts on November 20th and has a deadline of December 20th of this year. Between December 21 and January 19, 2021, the profiles will be evaluated and the selection of the participating companies will be made, without prejudice to the fact that all the applicants will be given a refund by the coordinating team of the proposal. 

This will be followed by the workshop and mentoring launch stage, which will run from January 20 to February 28. During the following 12 months, the action plan, monitoring, and coaching will be executed. This stage will be carried out between March 2021 and February 2022. Finally, the closing and evaluation of the process will take place in February 2022. 

The organizing institutions invite to this proposal of professionalization that will allow the companies to promote their businesses being part of the export ecosystem. The cycle provides an excellent opportunity for SMEs to grow by exporting, with the support of organizations committed to their development. 

To apply to the program, click here.