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These are workshops given by specialists from partner companies of Marca País, for partner companies, which last year had great acceptance among entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

The workshops organized by Marca País are also ideal instances for networking, mainly for medium and small companies. In 2018, the first workshop will address the topic "Image and positioning of a brand", and will be offered by the branding expert and director of R + D Design and Communication, Nicolás Branca. This first meeting will take place next Wednesday, March 21 at 9:30 am, in the Rumbos Room of the CND - Rincon 518 ground floor.

"Build a brand"

In this Workshop the role of brands in current societies will be addressed. The process of building a brand, methodologies, strategies and success stories. This talk aims to unravel the meaning that brands have for us, as is their construction process, their scope and finally analyze together some examples and success stories.

Nicolás Branca

Branca is a designer and communicator. Since 1998 he has been co-director, together with Gonzalo Silva, of the design and branding i + D studio, the first Uruguayan communication company specialized in the creation and development of brands. Among his projects are the design of the brand Uruguay Natural, Mides, Montevideo Intendance, MTOP, UTEC, ANII, PedidosYa, Movie, Cuatroases, O33, Océano, among many others.

Five workshops in 2018

The cycle of country brand workshops will continue throughout the year, with a total of five meetings planned. The topics to be addressed in each one will be: Social networks and digital marketing; Price strategies for export; Sustainability and Group formation and leadership.

The quotas to participate in the workshops are limited in all cases, and the representatives of partner companies of Marca País have priority.

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