Fecha de publicación: 14/05/2020

The new executive management will work with the management team of Uruguay XXI, focusing on the execution of investments and exports and the promotion of Uruguay's country brand in the world.

In April, the President of the Republic, at the proposal of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Foreign Trade Affairs, named Jaime Miller as the new Executive Director of Uruguay XXI, and Inés Bonicelli as Vice Executive Director.

Miller holds an MBA from the University of Montevideo and has an extensive background as a manager and entrepreneur in the private sector. He arrives at Uruguay XXI after being CEO of Zonamerica Colombia, a company of which he was part since 2009, having led the process for the installation of the project in that country.

He also worked as an auditor for the firm Price Waterhouse Coopers, led a family import business, and undertook an airline installation project. He teaches and has given seminars and conferences specialized in Global Export Services.

Along with Miller, the agency's new Vice Executive Director, Inés Bonicelli, also took up her position. Bonicelli has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a degree in Management. She has extensive experience in attracting investments in the Real State area and is co-founder of the consulting firm specializing in this area, Atlantika Group. 

Previously she was a partner and independent agent at Bado y Asociados and was also founder, executive director, and member of the directorate of Reaching U Foundation.

Both designations are part of the fundamental role given to Uruguay XXI in the new strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards a diplomacy with a commercial and economic profile, aimed at the realization of investments and exports and the promotion of Uruguay's country brand in the world. 

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