Fecha de publicación: 15/01/2020

More than 950 companies participated in actions to foster the export culture and in export promotion activities organized by Uruguay XXI.

Exporting means ensuring the survival of companies, diversifying risk and growing in profitability, professionalism and competence. These are some of the reasons why the promotion of export culture is one of the main objectives of Uruguay XXI.

Under the slogan of promoting the growth and diversification of exports, as well as fostering the export culture, Uruguay XXI accompanied companies -especially micro, small and medium enterprises- in their internationalization process. The work was based on four main lines of action: information, advisory services, training and promotion.

According to the information provided by the entrepreneurs from the monitoring of the actions carried out in 2019, it is expected that the potential for export business will correspond to USD 9,518,500. This means that for every dollar invested in that year for the promotion of exports, USD 27 will be obtained as a return.

At the moment, the actions carried out resulted in the concretion of exports for the amount of USD 1,776,200, which means a return of at least USD 5.10 for every dollar invested in promotion.

According to the information provided by the entrepreneurs, as a result of the promotional activities carried out in 2018, during 2019 there were sales abroad that represent an increase in the return per dollar invested by USD 0.5; from USD 1.2 to USD 1.7. In absolute terms, this means that from an investment of USD 335,000 in export promotion, foreign exchange was generated for USD 569,107.

In 2019, the number of companies that were part of export promotion actions grew by 11% compared to 2018. A total of 332 companies participated in these activities and 32% of them did so for the first time. Fifty-five per cent were in goods, 41 per cent in services and the remaining 4 per cent in both categories.

As a result of promotion actions and construction processes, which arise from sector initiatives in conjunction with public and private sector actors, the matrix of sector participation has been diversified in recent years.

The profiles of 84% of the participating companies were distributed in the food and beverage sector (36%), furniture design (9%), architecture (8%), music (7%), ICTs (6%), agro-industry (5%), audiovisual (5%), textile and clothing design (5%) and publishing (4%). Pet food, tourism, cosmetics, pharmacy and health, biotechnology, plastics, consulting services, construction materials and supplies are other sectors that had an important presence.

The creative industries sector (audiovisual, music and publishing) represented a significant percentage of the participating companies (16%).

Strategic actions for the internationalization of companies in 2019

Uruguay XXI responded to 416 requests for information and advice from companies. The most frequent queries were about market access conditions, the export process, statistical data, contact management and services of Uruguay XXI.

In addition, 10 workshops were held in order to contribute to the training of enterprises. For the first time, the Export Skills Training Programme (FHE) was carried out. This proposoal is a comprehensive training programme in which 454 representatives of exporting companies and companies with export potential participated.

Some of the contents presented in the seven modules of the program were: the advantages of exporting, the internationalization plan -its contents and the steps to follow-, the sales strategies, marketing aspects, logistics and available tools for the facilitation of small exports, competences and personal skills for the exporter, among others. At the end, some companies shared their experience of internationalization.

For the creative industries sector, three industry-specific masterclasses were held in which 170 people participated.

In addition, 13 fairs, seven reverse missions, four business rounds and seven commercial visits were held, which constituted promotional activities.

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