New edition: Uruguay Best Practices in pharma supply chain 2024

For the fifth consecutive year, the pharmaceutical sector meets to share experiences, best practices, and innovations in the logistics sector.
Publication date: 18/04/2024

On May 16, a new edition of the event “Uruguay Best Practices in Pharma Supply Chain” will be held, bringing together all the pharmaceutical industry players.

The activity is co-organized by the investment, export and country image promotion agency, Uruguay XXI, the National Logistics Institute (INALOG), and the Uruguay Pharma HUB Group, made up of the leading pharma companies established in Uruguay: Adium Pharma, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, MegaLabs, Merck, Pfizer and Roche.

In its fifth edition, the conference aims to strengthen the pharma supply chain ecosystem by creating an increasingly attractive environment for investment in Uruguay. The event brings together leading international pharmaceutical companies and logistics solution providers, creating an ideal space for exchanging business on best practices, trends, and success stories.

This year, the proposal will bring relevant topics such as the impact of the sector on patients, opportunities for the implementation of artificial intelligence, and innovative solutions to achieve access and sustainability, among others.

“Our role is to promote investment in the country and for companies to exchange with each other. Together, we can make Uruguay visible as a logistics hub. As a country with legal, political, economic, and social stability, aspects that investors value when we ask them why they are here,” said the executive director of Uruguay XXI, Sebastián Risso, at the opening of the 2023 edition.

Risso added that these are essential strengths for logistics operations and sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, in addition to infrastructure and regulations that are more than 30 years old, such as free port and airport regimes, free trade zones or temporary admission, which are state policies and provide certainty to foreign investors.

The president of INALOG, Álvaro Olazábal expressed that “when well integrated and coordinated sectors arise, such as the pharmaceutical sector that operates in Uruguay, it disseminates for the whole logistics sector”. “In Uruguay, the pharmaceutical sector has been able to take advantage of the promotional schemes it has in its different logistics platforms to provide services to the region,” he said.

While representing the Pharma Hub Group, the Managing Director of Merck Uruguay, Gabriela Brancato, pointed out that the networking achieved at the Uruguay Best Practices in Pharma Supply Chain is of great value so that each company can think beyond what it is doing. “Let’s continue building an increasingly better Uruguay to encourage investment and make our activities stand out to the outside world,” Brancato said.

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