"Uruguay is a great place to establish a business"

British Trade Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Department of International Trade, Joanna Crellin, invited companies to think of Uruguay as the hub of their operations.
Publication date: 23/11/2018

In a series of tweets posted on her account, British Trade Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Department for International Trade (DIT), Joanna Crellin, reported on her visit to Uruguay and highlighted the country's virtues as a strategic hub for business development.

"I have just spent a couple of days in Uruguay meeting with companies and the government and we agreed to collaborate more closely to bring more British companies to Uruguay, through Uruguay XXI, the country's investment, export and image promotion agency," he said in his first speech.

Immediately afterwards, through a video, Crellin invited British companies to become interested in learning more about Uruguay and evaluate it as a potential business center for Latin America.

"Uruguay is a fantastic place that has a very stable rule of law, a high level of education with many people able to speak English and a high level of education," he explained.

He also emphasized the country's infrastructure, which he described as "amazing" and said the country has "a really business-friendly environment.

"In fact, this is a fantastic place to start thinking about opening a business either for Uruguay or to serve all of Latin America. And most important of all, it's a wonderful city, which has been voted the number one place in Latin America for its quality of life," he concluded.