Uruguay Opens Doors to Global Investors with its Investment Projects Portfolio.

Investors can register for free on the Uruguay XXI government agency’s web portal and explore diverse investment opportunities across various sectors.
Publication date: 23/10/2023

The government’s investment, export, and country brand promotion agency, Uruguay XXI, took a significant step forward in its mission to attract foreign investment to the country. With the creation of its Investment Projects Portfolio, it brought together a wide range of opportunities ranging from state-owned projects to technology startups, companies in mature sectors such as agribusiness and industry, and projects in insolvency proceedings.

The primary purpose of this initiative is to facilitate the connection between these investment opportunities and potential foreign investors. To achieve this, Uruguay XXI has developed a web portal in Spanish and English where investors can register for free and view available projects.

This web portal, the first of its kind in the country, systematically presents most of Uruguay’s public and private investment opportunities. When companies complete their information on the portal, a summary presentation is generated in Spanish and English for investors to access. The decision to make this information visible to all registered investors or only those who sign a confidentiality agreement is left to the company.

In addition, when an investor expresses interest in a particular company, Uruguay XXI facilitates contact with the company’s authorized person, allowing for private negotiations.

Investors interested in being part of this innovative initiative can find more information and register on the portal.

This is an essential step in Uruguay XXI’s ongoing effort to attract foreign investment to the country and foster economic growth through investment projects in Uruguay.