Uruguay present in the largest private market investment forum in Latin America

The country participated with a delegation of companies in the event that brought together more than 700 investors.
Publication date: 18/12/2019

Uruguay XXI participated for the second time in the Annual Forum of Private Capital in Latin America, which was held in the city of Sao Paulo between Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December.

With a delegation of 10 Uruguayan companies, some representatives of free zones and consulting firms, as well as businessmen with specific investment opportunities in the real estate sector, Uruguay participated in the largest private market investment forum in Latin America, which gathered more than 700 investors from different countries.

For the first time, Uruguay had a country stand and presented a speaker in the main hall of the event, which was a great opportunity to promote the country brand and expose the advantages of investing in Uruguay.

The audience was mainly made up of investment funds from the United States and Brazil that were looking for high-volume opportunities in different areas, such as infrastructure, technology, and real estate, among others.

The event represented an important networking space to establish relationships with the main investment companies in the world. In this opportunity, funds that already knew about the stability and security of Uruguay's investment in the current Latin American situation were interested in investing in the country. In addition, some companies in the infrastructure sector expressed their interest in knowing the future plans for this sector. After the event, there are still inquiries from companies interested in investing in Uruguay.

The forum was attended by the governor of São Paulo, João Agripino da Costa Doria, and a large number of economists who gave talks. The main topics discussed were the perspective of local and global investors, investments in health, education, food and technology in Latin America and the implications of the participation among private equity competitors.

In addition, there were presentations on private debt, the Latin American fundraising market, the impact and private investment in Latin America and how artificial intelligence is interfering with the private equity business model.