Uruguayan food companies presented their exportable offer in Brazil

Uruguay XXI along with the Union of Exporters of Uruguay participated in the EXPOSUPER -ACATS 2018, the fair of products, services and equipment for supermarkets, organized by the Catarinense Convention of Super marketers.
Publication date: 21/06/2018

Several Uruguayan companies, along with Uruguay XXI and the Union of Exporters of Uruguay, participated in Exposuper, one of the largest events in business generation in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, organized by the Catarinense Association of Supermarkets - ACATS. The activities also had the support of the Uruguayan Consulate in Florianopolis.

The mission, which took place at the Joinville Convention Center between Tuesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 21, allowed participants to generate business opportunities and access updated information, new technologies and innovations.

From Uruguay, the following companies traveled to the event: Petar, pet food producer; the Giménez Méndez and Traversa wineries, the Haymann laboratory with its sweeteners, the OGS Group e-commerce application and the AppiBeea honey producer, which had the opportunity to hold some 50 business meetings.

Uruguay had a country pavilion of 32 square meters where companies could have a space to display their products..

Brazilian entrepreneurs were very receptive towards the proposed products, mainly towards wines, and made specific queries about Uruguayan meats.

Currently, in terms of exchanges between the two regions, the growth of Uruguayan food products in Santa Catarina´s supermarkets stands out. According to data from 2017, Uruguay was the fifteenth country in the ranking of Santa Catarina´s supplier markets, improving one position over the previous year and the fourth in the region after Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

In 2017 Uruguay exported to the State of Santa Catarina a total of 25 food products - 40% of the total exported to that market last year -, with barley leading the placements (23%), followed by  cheeses (17%), rice, sheep and pork.