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The call is open to award the third stage of works to expand educational infrastructure in the form of public-private participation.

The call is open to award the third stage of works to expand educational infrastructure in the form of public-private participation.

Uruguay opens the third phase of calls to expand the educational infrastructure. The presentation period began on December 8, and includes 15 schools of 9 and 6 classrooms and 27 centers for childhood and family assistance, with an estimated investment of 40 million dollars.

The contracting includes the design, financing, construction and operation of educational infrastructure under the modality of public-private participation. The contracting agencies are the National Administration of Public Education and the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay.

The call will be open to receipt of offers until May 30 at 12:00 hours through this link.

This third call is made within the framework of the infrastructure optimization plan that the government of Uruguay carries out for the period 2015/19. The projected improvements are aimed at substantially expanding the railway, road, educational and energy infrastructure -among other areas- in order to continue the period of growth of the country for fourteen consecutive years.

The government projection pursues an investment amount of more than US $ 12,400 million, to which is added an additional US $ 1,000 to 1,200 million, for the construction of the "Central Railroad" project and complementary road works that comprise the laying of road networks and bridges that comprise the National Rail System. These works will be financed both with State resources and with private participation and financing.

It is expected that one third of the original project process will be carried out under the modality of Public Private Participation (PPP or PPP) contracts within the framework of the regulations approved in 2011-12 and whose first projects are already being executed.

A clear example of success is the construction of the Punta de Rieles prison, which was carried out under the modality of public-private participation, with capacity for 1,920 inmates and an investment of around 82 million dollars.

In 2015, the consortium integrated by Teyma Uruguay SA, Instalaciones Inabensa SA and Goddard Catering Group Uruguay SA was definitively awarded. The contracting administration was the Ministry of the Interior who makes quarterly payments to the contractor for the availability of prison places for 27 years.

Construction work began in August 2015 and is currently in its final stage of construction.

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