“The World Knows That Uruguay Has Qualified Talent Capable of Doing Great Things.”

Uruguayan Tecspal achieved a solid global positioning based on the quality of Uruguay’s human capital and robust technological ecosystem
Publication date: 05/07/2024

Tecspal, the Uruguayan company dedicated to simplifying hardware purchasing and delivery processes in more than 85 countries, has positioned itself as a strategic partner of the IT industry. Its COO and co-founder, Santiago Alcuri, explained the company’s two major global solutions: centralized hardware purchasing for remote collaborators and the management, traceability, and recovery of equipment of people who no longer work in client companies.

Through these services, Tecspal’s clients forget about international payments in local currency, taxes in each country, and complex logistics since the company acts as an outsourced logistics area, but without fixed costs and with the possibility of accessing better prices.

Led by young local entrepreneurs, Tecspal has achieved a solid positioning in its two years of existence, allowing it to operate in the most varied markets. The key to this positioning was the support received from organizations such as the investment and export promotion agency Uruguay XXI, which, said its founder, facilitated the possibilities of creating alliances, sharing information, and networking inside and outside Uruguay from the beginning.

So far, Alcuri and its partners Juan Manuel Cat and Juan Pablo Bordaberry have participated in international fairs such as South Summit Porto Alegre in 2023 and 2024, as well as in the Madrid 2024 edition; they were also present in WebSummit Rio 2023 and 2024, PuntaTech 2024 and Collision in 2023.

This presence at local and international events allowed them to get to know the IT industry up close and draw conclusions. “The ICT industry in Uruguay gained an important place in the GDP, and that is no small thing. Undoubtedly, this is thanks to initiatives that come from the government through legislation and organizations such as Uruguay XXI, as well as the collective effort of the private sector”, said Alcuri.

He said the most exciting thing about the local ecosystem is the founders or leaders. “They think with an international mindset, knowing they have the necessary skills to solve issues in foreign markets and offer global services. We understand that to generate a significant impact from Uruguay, we must look beyond our borders. This is so ingrained in our culture that we approach it in a very natural and professional manner,” he said.

Regarding the image of Uruguayan entrepreneurs, he considered it “interesting in the world scene” since it is based on the high level of professionals that the country has to be able to provide global services.

Uruguay has positioned itself as a leader in technology thanks to its exceptional infrastructure and connectivity. It is the most advanced Latin American country in ICT development and the region’s largest per capita software exporter. It also has one of the best Internet penetrations, with 91% of households and 100% of public schools connected, and has pioneered the implementation of commercial 5G networks. This robust technological environment makes it easy for local companies to operate globally and provides fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Uruguayan talent is another key pillar of the country’s ICT ecosystem. Uruguay stands out for its human capital quality, characterized by its adaptability to new technologies, versatility in programming languages, and specialization in various sectors. This human capital, with favorable government policies and a transparent and stable business environment, makes Uruguay an attractive destination for technological investment and the development of new companies.

This good positioning that the country has achieved has a positive impact on Tecspal’s business. “We know there is no better country to set up our company. The tools provided by Uruguay and its complete ecosystem made us open our eyes to how much the country has to offer. Uruguayan entrepreneurs are taken seriously and that helps a lot for international positioning. The world knows that Uruguay has qualified talent capable of doing great things”, closed Alcuri.