A world-class wine producer

CNN highlighted Uruguay as the next great wine destination.
Publication date: 13/03/2020

Uruguay is a producer of wines with character and superior quality, which has once again made headlines around the world. In a publication of March 11, CNN referred to the country as the new elite player in the international wine market, thanks to the pioneering work of its wineries.

The Uruguayan wine industry has managed to capture the attention of the most demanding palates. In order to position the local production, the businessmen of the area have had to make known the privileged location of Uruguay in the world, at the same latitude as the wine regions of Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

As an example, CNN referred to the Garzón winery, which is "experimenting with grape varieties and dismantling regional stereotypes". The North American news channel pointed out that the Uruguayan bodega received a great deal of praise and awards, such as the one given by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which named Garzón "New World Winery of the Year in 2018". This and other reasons are why "the world is beginning to give South America's neglected stepchild a closer look", CNN stated.

As far as its select production is concerned, CNN pointed out that its distinctive feature lies in its exceptional location, 11 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The sea breeze penetrates deep into an unmistakable flavour and it has inspired a "local movement in ocean-influenced wines", the publication stated.

Uruguay has a 9,000-acre area dedicated to vine cultivation. Although most of the establishments are located in the department of Canelones, some wineries have "stumbled across a new frontier for South American wines", CNN said. 

Uruguay is among the four leading wine producers in the continent. Uruguayan wines, which have received numerous international awards, are endorsed by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). These recognitions are reinforced by the use of technology applied to sustainable and quality production, which has allowed all its winemaking establishments to be georeferenced. Uruguay is also the first country with all its viticulture traced. This system adds value and technology to a product born from nature and guarantees quality and food safety, another of the hallmarks of national production.

Part of the secret of the country's winemaking enterprises lies in the selection of the vine varieties that best adapt to the local soil and climate, such as the Tannat grape. Originally from the south of France, it is "Uruguay's signature grape," CNN noted. This varietal strain, which achieves a wine of elegant intensity and character, pairs excellently with meat, another of the country's flagship products.

The media also referred to varieties such as the Albariño grape, of Galician origin, which has become one of the "biggest surprises", recognized for its "freshness, minerality and round finish".

The news agency also highlighted the maturity acquired by the Uruguayan industry. The country "has finally broken-down historic barriers that have kept it from becoming a major player in the wine world", the publication highlighted.

It is clear that Uruguayan wine production has earned a place at the world's tables. Thanks to the work of local entrepreneurs, Uruguay is once again in the news as an exporter of quality products. On this matter, the CNN publication pointed out that "you don't need to be an adventurous drinker to try a bottle from Uruguay anymore".