Uruguay is the Latin American country with the highest rate of digitally registered homes

Uruguay successfully implemented the Digital Census 2023 and marked a significant milestone in the development of census processes in the country.
Publication date: 25/05/2023

The digital census conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INE) marked a significant change in how the Uruguayan population’s demographic and socioeconomic data is collected and processed. Through the application of advanced technologies, the census adapted to the digital era and allowed for more efficient, accurate, and sustainable data collection.

This census represented an important achievement for Uruguay, as it became one of the first countries in the region to implement a digitized census process. The digital census benefited citizens and organizations collecting and analyzing census information.

This implementation, supported by high Internet access throughout the country, offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, yielding data more quickly, efficiently, and accurately by avoiding transcription errors.

Uruguay became the first country in South America to have such a high percentage of adherence to the digital census, with more than 51% of households choosing this modality, highlighting the commitment and participation of citizens and actively contributing to constructing a more modern, efficient, and accessible country.